Tackling Colorectal Cancer; Its Treatment and Prevention Strategies.

In our previous posts, we examined what Colorectal cancer entails, its signs and symptoms, risk factors, types, stages of presentation and even the processes involved in diagnosis. Today, we go further on our discussion on Colorectal cancer as we look into the treatment options available and even strategies that can be employed to prevent the incidence of the disease. Continue reading “Tackling Colorectal Cancer; Its Treatment and Prevention Strategies.”

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Tacking Ovarian cancer

So, it has been a period of enlightening us about Ovarian cancer as we celebrated World Ovarian Cancer day a few days ago. We trust you have been telling friends and loved ones on the need to know about ovarian cancer and prompt help seeking behavior whenever there is a significant index of suspicion.

We have had an overview of ovarian cancer, its risk factors, symptoms, types and diagnosis. Today, we take a look at its prevention, treatment options available and the survival rate. Continue reading “Tacking Ovarian cancer”

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Medical Checkup Saves Lives

It was a bright Saturday afternoon at a traditional wedding ceremony. The atmosphere was jolly as guests exchanged pleasantries amidst the beautiful setting. The groom and bride had just been joined together and declared husband and wife, after which they made their way into the inner chambers, it was dance time for the guests at the party. One of the guests, a middle aged man in his late forties stepped forward giving a solo dance, he danced gently and gracefully to the music as the on looking guests cheered him on and then it happened. Continue reading “Medical Checkup Saves Lives”

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Yay! It is World Ovarian cancer day and another opportunity to increase the awareness of this disease in order to improve our general understanding, and help our women of all ages easily recognize the disease pattern, its manifestation and their help seeking behavior with regards to the disease. This is all geared towards improving survival rate and life expectancy of our women.

Continue reading “OVARIAN CANCER DAY”
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A case of breast cancer and treatment course so far

So, we have been talking about breast cancer for a while now, the risk factors that predispose women to the disease, the symptoms to look out for on self-breast examination and the different types of breast cancers and their presentation. Today, we would be looking at a breast cancer case under our management and the treatment course so far.

Continue reading “A case of breast cancer and treatment course so far”
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Know the Health Status of your breast and fight Breast cancer early

The breasts are very important part of the female body, as it is a powerful representation of motherhood, vitality and beauty. Little wonder it has been a matter of interest in medicine and feminine cosmetology. These precious jewels are without an iota of doubt deserving all the attention they get. Yet, In Nigeria, the risk of breast cancer in women has gradually appreciated from about 24.5 million in 1990 to 40 million in 2010 and were predicted to increase beyond 50 million in 2020.

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