Emabal Hospitals Limited is one of Nigeria’s first privately held operational cancer centers in Lagos with our first operation dating as far back as 2011. We provide the most comprehensive treatment of cancer related diseases, we also adopt methods and innovative treatment strategies that focuses on the health of the body as well as the emotional and spiritual well being of our patients, incorporating family members and close relatives to the care system.

Our patients are best cared-for by our team of experienced oncologists with utmost care in the most compassionate and professional way imaginable.

From diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic management plans to extensive psychological and social support, including long-term follow-ups of cancer patients, and even down to awareness and outreaches. For example, in a country like Nigeria where cancer awareness is low in comparison to other developed nations of her size, we take the responsibility of creating massive awareness through our routine online educative posts on our platforms and also through outreaches. We leave no stone unturned; we attack cancer on all angles.

Our hospital is designed with a personal approach to treating patients, offering a warm and caring atmosphere where every staff member focuses on the needs of the individual patient. Our medical treatment programs are designed to concentrate on the person as a whole while at the same time addressing the symptoms of the diseases and its causal factors.

Also, we understand the importance of family and spiritual support so in our facilities, family members are always welcomed and encouraged.

Our team consists of certified cancer specialists and a cross section of highly dedicated and passionate professionals.

With us, all patients are eligible for the best treatment protocols.


To serve as a foremost destination for affordable oncology services and providing standard care in line with universal best practices.


To place Emabal Cancer Care Centre at the forefront of clinical oncology treatment and encourage patient’s participation and interaction with different specialists of cancer care in their management.

Our Values

Caring: Our patients are our family

Respect: For our patients, their families and our staff

Support: The battle against cancer requires strong team work