Questions You May Want to Ask Your Health Care Provider About Your Diagnosis

Most early-stage breast cancers in the U.S. are found with screening mammography, before any warning signs or symptoms appear.

However, breast cancer also is found when there are warning signs. So, it’s important to be aware of these warning signs and see a health care provider if you notice any breast changes. Continue reading “Questions You May Want to Ask Your Health Care Provider About Your Diagnosis”

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Contents of a Breast Pathology Report

Pathology reports are written in medical language because they are prepared for health care providers. This can make some of the wording hard to understand.

However, understanding the basic parts of the report can help you be better informed about your diagnosis.

Different pathology labs may use different terms to describe the same information. So, your report may not have the exact wording found here. Continue reading “Contents of a Breast Pathology Report”

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Yay! It is World Ovarian cancer day and another opportunity to increase the awareness of this disease in order to improve our general understanding, and help our women of all ages easily recognize the disease pattern, its manifestation and their help seeking behavior with regards to the disease. This is all geared towards improving survival rate and life expectancy of our women.

Earlier this week in our previous post, we examined what ovarian cancer means, its predisposing factors and common symptoms to look out for which could point towards the underlying disease process in the body. today, we will take a look at the types and the diagnosis of Ovarian cancer.

Continue reading “OVARIAN CANCER DAY”

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