Tackling Colorectal Cancer; Its Treatment and Prevention Strategies.

In our previous posts, we examined what Colorectal cancer entails, its signs and symptoms, risk factors, types, stages of presentation and even the processes involved in diagnosis. Today, we go further on our discussion on Colorectal cancer as we look into the treatment options available and even strategies that can be employed to prevent the incidence of the disease. Continue reading “Tackling Colorectal Cancer; Its Treatment and Prevention Strategies.”

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Tacking Ovarian cancer

So, it has been a period of enlightening us about Ovarian cancer as we celebrated World Ovarian Cancer day a few days ago. We trust you have been telling friends and loved ones on the need to know about ovarian cancer and prompt help seeking behavior whenever there is a significant index of suspicion.

We have had an overview of ovarian cancer, its risk factors, symptoms, types and diagnosis. Today, we take a look at its prevention, treatment options available and the survival rate. Continue reading “Tacking Ovarian cancer”

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Sleep Disorder

Sleep is one fundamental part of life we all cannot do without. The more or less of sleep we get as individuals go a long way to shape our appearance, demeanor, functionality and the totality of how our daily activities are carried out. For some, sleep comes so easily especially after an exhausting day at work, school or other walks of life, while others could lay in bed waiting for hours to get some sleep, some individuals even have to go all the way to taking medications before they could achieve a good night sleep. Continue reading “Sleep Disorder”

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Medical Checkup Saves Lives

It was a bright Saturday afternoon at a traditional wedding ceremony. The atmosphere was jolly as guests exchanged pleasantries amidst the beautiful setting. The groom and bride had just been joined together and declared husband and wife, after which they made their way into the inner chambers, it was dance time for the guests at the party. One of the guests, a middle aged man in his late forties stepped forward giving a solo dance, he danced gently and gracefully to the music as the on looking guests cheered him on and then it happened. Continue reading “Medical Checkup Saves Lives”

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Common Skin Infections and Management

Last time out, we went to town about some of the hazards associated with skincare and how we can prevent them. In this article, we will address some common skin conditions associated with other factors apart from skincare.

The protective function that the skin performs may be altered leading to a disruption of normal skin architecture, it could also occur that an internal disease condition Is being manifested on the skin. Whatever the cause, these disease conditions often display peculiar attributes that help distinguish them from others. Continue reading “Common Skin Infections and Management”

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Breast cancer; Last time out

In our previous article, we talked about how important it is to know the health status of your breast in order to aid early discovery of any breast cancer and put us in a vantage position to fight and defeat cancer. Sequel to this, questions have popped up on why some cancer cases resolve easily and some do not, rather they have been known to deteriorate and taken lives fatefully. Continue reading “Breast cancer; Last time out”

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Is Prostate Cancer preventable?

We recently examined the Prostate gland, Prostate cancer, its risk factors and common symptoms seen in patients with the disease. This begs the questions: Is prostate cancer preventable? If so, what are the measures that could be taken to keep the disease away and increase life expectancy?

In our last discussion, we saw a number of risk factors. Some of which we have no control over (age, race and genetic predisposition) and others can be very well influenced by our everyday health choices. So taking charge of your diet and lifestyle choices can help reduce your chances of coming down with the disease. Continue reading “Is Prostate Cancer preventable?”

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